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NEXT PROGRAMTuesday, February 12, 2019 at 7:30 pm at the College Park Airport Operations Building

"What Marsh Wrens Can Tell Us about Evolution:
Lessons from Color, Sound and Genes" presented by Sarah Luttrell

It’s easy to imagine new species forming in isolated places like remote islands, but what about right in your own backyard?  The fact is, the basic processes are happening in every generation in everyspecies, but they are typically slow and  subtle.   Dr.  Luttrell’s work aims to better understand how evolution works by studying subspecies of the Marsh Wren (Cistothorus  pallustris).   Bird subspecies, distribution, and natural history have been well defined by hobbyists and professionals alike, making them an ideal group for understanding evolution.  She will talk about how comparing multiple traits, including plumage color, size and shape, vocal behavior, and  genetics, in Marsh Wrens 
has revealed an exciting pattern of evolution in this widely distributed coastal marsh bird

About the presenter: Sarah Luttrell is originally from central Ohio, where she grew up enjoying nature and the outdoors and became interested in birds in high school.  In college she was lucky enough to be mentored by an excellent ornithologist who helped her hone her interest in birds into an ability to ask scientific questions about patterns in nature.  Sarah completed her doctorate at the University of Maryland Baltimore County in August 2018, studying the patterns of evolution in a widely dispersed species, the Marsh Wren.  Studying Marsh Wrens took her to marshes all over the eastern U.S., where she gained a deep appreciation of the animals that survive in tidal marshes and the stories they may be able to tell us about evolution in this unique ecosystem.  She  ecently started a new position with the Feather ID lab at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, and is excited to be able to spend more time birding and exploring outdoor areas in her adopted home in the Mid-Atlantic.

NEXT FIELD TRIP:  Friday, February 22 - Sunday, February 24
Weekend Trip to Ocean City

This annual tradition offers the opportunity to see a variety of birds – land and sea – not found in spring and summer, and takes advantage of off-season rates and reduction in crowds and traffic. Target birds include alcids; sea ducks including Long-tailed, Harlequin, eiders, & scoters; gulls; Northern Gannet; Great Cormorant; grebes; both Red-throated and Common Loons; and winter songbirds. Pack your woolies and join us.

RSVP required. Contact field trip leaders Marcia Watson and Gene Scarpulla at for itinerary, hotel information, and trip reservations.

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