PGAS Photographs

At the 2016 Greenbelt Labor Day Festival, the PGAS table won 3rd place!  The table was staffed by PGAS Board members Terry Watson (right) and Katy Pape (left).

In September 2016, PGAS held its third annual Birding in the Americas: Mi Casa es su Casa migratory bird event at Lake Artemisia in Berwyn Heights:

Board members Terry Watson (in hat) and Lynette Fullerton (in butterfly wings) demonstrate monarch butterfly tagging and release.

Photo credit: Ikumi Kayama

Board member Karen Jackson compares her wingspan to a Great Blue Heron.

Photo credit: Ikumi Kayama

In November 2016, Board member Lynette Fullerton (left) organized a PGAS table at the Watkins Park Trash to Treasure Festival.  The table was staffed by Board members Lisa Garett (not pictured), and Katy Pape (center), And Terry Watson (right). 

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